Web Cam Mt.Fuji (camera Ohishi in Japan)


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Hokusai's Works (Fine Wind, Clear Morning - hirty-six Views of Mt. Fuji)
We calculated the accurate position where the topography of Mt. Fuji and ridgelines of  Hokusai's Works.


Web Cam Mt.Fuji (camera Ohishi in Japan)

Mt. Fuji

Yamanakako hill / Lake Yamanakako(Tele.) / Nagaike / Oshino Hakkai(countryside) / Oshino / Oshino hill / Torii(Tele)
Fujiyoshida / Mt.Fuji 5th / Funatsu / Lake Kawaguchi / Lake Kawaguchi Ohishi / Lake Kawaguchi Ohishi2
Katsuyama / Lake North Kawaguchi / Lake Saiko-Jyukai / Lake Shojiko / Lake Motosuko(Design of Japan yen)
Asagiri(Tele) / Hokusai Shibakawa Fuji / Tea Farm Fuji(Tele) / Susono River Fuji / Subashiri Fuji(Tele)

View & Traffic

Lake Kawaguchiko / Lake Kawaguchiko / Lake Yamanakako / Asumiko(Tele) / Route 139 Fujiyoshida
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Live cameras are placed around the Mt. Fuji.

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